Our vision states: First Baptist Church School strives to produce a generation of confident and self-directed lifelong learners with the strong academic discipline, technological skills, and personal faith necessary to realize their potential in God’s world.

To achieve this vision, our instruction at all levels is challenging, enriching, and differentiated whenever possible. Therefore, the academics students receive are top notch, preparing them for the next phase of their education and their lives. Also, the school provides pull-out programs for gifted students as well as a program for students with language disabilities (dyslexia).

The curriculum we utilize is similar to a public school curriculum, in which Grade Level Expectations (GLE) and state-approved text books serve as the foundation. However, as our administration and faculty identify potential weaknesses in the curriculum, supplements are strategically implemented to improve instruction. Technology, hands-on activities and manipulatives are highly utilized to support the curriculum at every level.

In Elementary, the school has adopted the Singapore Math curriculum, which emphasizes mastery of concepts that equip students with problem solving skills for greater achievement. 

Students in grades 2 through 8 take the IOWA Basic Skills Test (ITBS), a nationally standardized achievement test, which provides the school and parents with national percentile rankings on each student and class. The average rankings typically range between the 80th– 90th percentile.