Elementary School

The overall goal of our elementary instruction is to develop a strong academic and spiritual foundation to prepare students for middle school and beyond. Our Elementary School offers an advanced curriculum with high expectations paired with hands-on activities and the use of technology. Elementary students also receive daily Bible instruction and various weekly enrichment opportunities.


Our low student-to-teacher ratios (never more than 18-1) allows teachers to address different learning styles and skill levels. Pull-out programs such as PEAK and PACE (for advanced and gifted students) are available to high achieving students while our Discovery Lab and academic coaching are available for students needing remediation or just a boost. Reading is taught through a multipronged approach which includes Saxon Phonics, the Harcourt Reading series, Accelerated Reader, and grade level appropriate literature and novels. Mathematics is taught through the Singapore Math curriculum which places great emphasis on problem-solving by equipping students with a strong sense of place value, mental math skills, and critical thinking strategies. FBCS incorporates a balance of traditional and modern, research based teaching methods for all subject areas and does not follow Common Core.


Students participate in weekly enrichments outside the classroom. Our enrichments include Physical Education (daily), music, art, computer lab, Spanish, library, and science lab. 2nd – 5th grade students present a Spring Musical each year. During the school day, students may take voice and instrumental lessons such as piano and guitar.

Christian Values

Christian values are taught and promoted to help students grow and mature spiritually and socially. Our students participate in daily Bible lessons in the classroom as well as memorize and recite scripture weekly. 1st through 5th grade students attend chapel services every Wednesday where they sing praise songs and hear a Bible based devotional.