Elementary School

The overarching goal of our elementary instruction is to develop a strong academic and spiritual foundation to prepare students for middle school and beyond. Our Elementary School offers an advanced curriculum, paired with hands-on activities, and daily Bible instruction, in addition to various weekly enrichment opportunities.


Our low student-to-teacher ratios (18 to 1) allow the teachers to address different learning styles and skill levels with small-group and individual instruction, in addition to whole-group instruction. Our curriculum is similar to what one would find in a public school setting (prior to common core, which we do not follow): Harcourt, McGraw Hill, and Saxon are some series’ that we utilize for instruction, however many supplements are implemented by our creative, experienced teachers. After years of research, the school has adopted Singapore Math for the Elementary grades. The curriculum places great emphasis on problem-solving by equipping students with a strong sense of place value, mental math skills, and critical thinking strategies.


A weekly enrichment schedule outside the classroom includes physical education daily, music, art, computer lab, library and Spanish. The Elementary School also presents a Spring Musical each year, in which every student in grade 1 – 5 participates. Additionally, piano lessons and voice lessons are available during the school day for interested students.

Christian Values

Our students learn about God and Jesus through a structured Bible workbook and an age-appropriate, weekly chapel service (Grades 1 – 4). Teachers encourage Christian Values to help students grow and mature spiritually and socially throughout each day and the school years. (5th through 8th grade students attend chapel service together.)