In YK3, K3, K4, and K5 classes, we stress personal development through hands-on learning. Daily routines and social skills are reinforced throughout the year through developmentally appropriate ac­tivities, as well as group and individual play in the classroom.


More than 30 years in the making, our preschool curriculum has been developed by our experienced teachers to challenge and enrich our preschool stu­dents. Themes in K3, Letters of the Week in K4, and Saxon Phonics and Singapore Math in K5 make up our preschool cur­riculum. Our small class sizes (10 in YK3, 12 in K3, 14 in K4, and 16 in K5) allow teachers to create an intimate classroom environ­ment in which each child is treated indi­vidually.


In addition to the enriching nature of all classroom activities, students in K3 and K4 participate in a daily Enrichment Class, which includes units in art, music, patriotism, health and physical education. Additionally, they attend music twice weekly. In addition to music, K4 students also attend Spanish. K5 students participate in the Elementary enrichment schedule.

Christian Values

Prayer and worship are part of every day in the classroom. Also, preschool students attend a weekly chapel service taught by preschool teachers. All our Bible teach­ing is non-denominational and focuses on age-appropriate, practical application for the child.