Bullying Policy


First Baptist Church School has zero tolerance for bullying of any kind. The school’s normal disciplinary procedures will be followed in determining the appropriate consequences for bullying. All students will receive instruction as to what constitutes specific bullying behavior involving physical, emotional, indirect, verbal, sexual, and cyber bullying acts.

At First Baptist Church School, we believe that every student deserves and shall receive a safe and comfortable learning environment conducive to academic success and the development of high self–esteem. Respect for others is an essential element in each student’s life at First Baptist Church School.

In order to help students understand their responsibilities and accountability for maintaining a positive environment, the following policies and procedures will be implemented:

  • Establish a zero tolerance for any form of bullying.
  • Conduct small group sessions with students to define bullying behavior and teach students proper behavior when witnessing or experiencing bullying.
  • Utilize religion classes and chapel to reinforce respect for others and teach our students specific behavior to increase self–esteem.
  • Provide guest speakers in chapel who will address self–esteem and bullying.
  • Emphasize anti–bullying behaviors for students through the DARE program.
  • Provide parent workshops regarding bullying and parents’ role.
  • Students participating in bullying will be disciplined according to the First Baptist Church School Discipline Policy at the discretion of the Head of School or Director of Middle School. 


First Baptist Church School encourages communication between home and school. If you have questions regarding your child’s progress, first contact the teacher. If you would like to schedule a conference, either do so through the teacher or the school counselor. If after meeting with the teacher and counselor, there are still concerns, contact the Director of Middle School if your child is a middle school student or the Head of School if in elementary school.