Discipline Policy


Every child is entitled to an education which shall be offered in an orderly, healthy and safe atmosphere, both physical and emotional, and to firm, fair treatment in all matters pertaining to school life.  The object of school discipline is to maintain an effective learning environment conducive to student growth in abilities, attitudes, and habits essential to successful living in our society.  Ideal discipline is self-discipline, and school rules are set to help students develop those practices that include consideration and respect for others, respect for authority, proper care and respect for property, respect for truth, and satisfaction in doing one’s best.

Every child shall comply with all rules and regulations of FirstBaptistChurchSchool having to do with student behavior.  Students must demonstrate behavior which reflects a shared responsibility for learning and a commitment to Christian behavior.  In a democracy there exists many privileges and freedoms, all of which are dependent on observance of certain rules and regulations.  It should be made very clear that any student, by his/her own failure to comply with school regulations, may lose his right to an education at FirstBaptistChurchSchool.

Each teacher at FirstBaptistChurchSchool is responsible for providing the appropriate environment that will bring about effective learning, thus enabling each student to achieve his maximum potential.

The home shares responsibility in the education of youth, and the attitude of the home toward school is reflected by the student.  The parent should show an interest in school by communicating with teachers, attending school functions and taking part in the Patriots Parents’ League (PPL) and other school-related organizations.