Dress Code / Uniform Policy


Elementary students (beginning in Kindergarten) wear navy bottoms and white or red tops. Girls also may wear the designated plaid jumper.

Middle school students (6th - 8th grade) wear khaki bottoms and white or navy tops. Girls also may wear the designated plaid skirt.

Uniforms can be purchased at Shreveport Gymnastics or Sportsworld. Shirts may be monogrammed with school logo or student initials, or may be plain with no brand logos of any kind. No cargo pants or shorts are permitted, and no logos can be visible on shorts or pants.

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Elementary uniform violations will result in loss of recess time.

In middle school, an infraction will be issued for each uniform/dress violation.

No manner of student appearance will be considered proper for school that detracts from or disrupts the classroom and/or school decorum.  The Head of School or Director of Middle School shall make the final decision of what is considered proper or improper appearance.

In the instance of a school dress violation, students may be asked to leave the classroom until proper clothing is obtained.

FBCS has a designated uniform which can be purchased at Shreveport Gymnastics, 4727 Line Avenue, 869-1206, or at Sports World at 8809 Jewella Avenue, 686-1880. There are also some items available in the used uniform room of Dodd Hall. Call the school office for information on purchasing used uniforms. Uniform information is also available on our web site and Edline. Please label all of your children’s uniforms, sweatshirts, lunchboxes, etc.


  • If designated, the first Friday of each month is non-uniform day. Clothes must be neat and clean with NO HOLES OR TEARS.
  • No bare midriffs, see-through garments, undergarment shirts, strapless, spaghetti straps, halter tops, bare back, one shoulder or off-the-shoulder and low cut blouses. No jogging suits or short sets, sweats, tank tops, low-rise pants, cheer shorts or any pants or tops with holes in them. Tops should be long enough so that no bare stomach is showing at any time.
  • Students may wear jeans, walking shorts, cargo pants/shorts, Capri pants or uniform shorts or slacks with other shirts or tops. All pants must be hemmed - no cutoffs or wide legs. Pants should be of appropriate length.
  • No flip flops, sandals, open back shoes.  Uniform shoes, uggs and boots are acceptable.  Athletic shoes are required for PE classes.
  • No caps or hats except on special dress days. No scarves covering the head.
  • Obscene or profane language, tobacco and alcohol advertisements, or provocative pictures on clothing is prohibited.
  • Students may wear uniform if preferred.
  • Parents will be called for violations of this dress code and infractions will be given.


  • Boys will wear dress or khaki pants with a collared shirt. Sports jackets are acceptable.
  • Skirts and dresses for girls are to be no shorter than 4 inches above the middle of the knee (measured while kneeling).
  • Parents will be called for violations of this dress code and infractions will be given.
  • Non-uniform dress code applies here as well.


  • FBCS t-shirts or uniforms are allowed on field trips. FBCS t-shirts are to be worn with uniform shorts, skorts, pants or skirt.
  • Non-uniform day guidelines apply for overnight trips only. 


  • Official uniforms will be worn on all regular school days.

  • Students should leave personal vehicle each morning appropriately dressed. If not, they will be asked to return to their vehicle until their clothing is correctly worn. 

  • The uniform must be clean, properly fitting and with no holes. Uniform shirts must be tucked in with belts and waistlines showing. T-shirts worn under uniform shirts must not show any designs or patterns. 

  • Hair may not be of unnatural color or style. Hair should not hang over eyebrows and length must be no longer than the middle of the ear and above collars for boys. Girls are allowed ribbons and bows of school colors. No hair wraps or bandanas.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in respecting this dress code.