School Rule Infractions


Students committing infractions may receive warnings, afternoon detention, discretionary suspensions, mandatory suspensions, or dismissal from school at the discretion of the Head of School or the Director of Middle School.

If a student is late to detention, his/her time will be doubled for every minute late.  (Ex. 15 minutes late equals 30 minutes of additional time at the end of the session or serve an additional detention if more than 30 minutes late.)

The Following Offenses may result in Afternoon Detention or Discretionary Suspension:

  1. Threatening a teacher or any other personnel.
  2. Participating in a fight. If it can clearly be determined that a participant was not at fault, they shall not be suspended.
  3. Loitering on the First Baptist Church School campus.
  4. Possessing or using tobacco on the First Baptist Church School campus or at any school sponsored event. This includes e-cigarettes.
  5. Refusing to comply with any reasonable request of a teacher or any other school personnel who is performing his/her official responsibility.
  6. Committing an act of defiance, either in language or action, on the school campus or at any school sponsored event. 
  7. Using forged notes or forged official forms.
  8. Cheating or plagiarism.
  9. Violating the First Baptist Church School Dress Code.
  10. Willfully defacing, stealing, or destroying school or personal property.  The student and/or his/her legal guardian will be required to pay the cost of repairs or replacements.
  11. Committing an act of bullying against a student or teacher.
  12. Involved in gambling, hazing, extortion, or profanity.
  13. Skipping a class.

The following will result in MANDATORY SUSPENSIONS:

  1. Possessing weapons; using any tool or instrument to do bodily harm.
  2. Striking a teacher or other school personnel.
  3. Initiating or instigating a fight.  Any student that willfully participates in a fight will be suspended. 
  4. Possessing or using narcotics or alcohol on the First Baptist Church School campus or at any other school-sponsored event.
  5. Willfully initiating any false alarms.
  6. Illegally entering school buildings
  7. Acts of immorality.