Student Responsibility


In fulfilling his/her obligations each student should:


  • Comply with all regulations of First Baptist Church School.
  • Recognize the authority of all teachers and other school personnel.
  • Abstain from gambling, immorality, profanity, hazing, fighting, extortion, bullying, use of or possession of tobacco, narcotics, or alcohol or the possession of any instrument capable of inflicting bodily harm.
  • Refrain from willfully damaging, defacing or destroying school property or illegally entering school buildings.
  • Be regular in school attendance and on time for all classes and scheduled activities; stay until designated class period times ends; strive to do his/her best in all areas of school life.
  • Wear appropriate dress and conform to the Dress Code of First Baptist Church School during the regular school day or at any school sponsored events.
  • Students are to refrain from bringing food, coffee or soft drinks into the classroom, or chewing gum during school time.  Water bottles are acceptable at the teacher’s discretion.


Middle School students will use the Honor Code policy for all testing.  The following statement will be written by the student on all tests:

On my honor, as a student of First Baptist Church School, I have neither given nor received help on this work.

  • Infractions are recorded per semester.  A total of 10 infractions will result in a suspension. Students will be suspended from school the following day and will not be allowed to make-up work.  (Infractions resulting from tardies during 1st period are not included in the 10.)
  • Students who have 5 behavior infractions will not be invited on the Middle School Trip held during fall semester. These same students will be allowed on school-sponsored field trips only if accompanied by a parent. 
  • MP3 Players, personal gaming devices and other such electronics are not allowed at school. These will be confiscated and returned to the parents after school the following day.  Elementary students may use Nooks and Kindles; Middle School students must use ONLY the Mac Book Air Computers.
  • Cell phones may be brought to school but must be left in the student’s locker.  Cell phones may be used after school to contact parents about after school activities or transportation home.  Students may use the phone in the Lobby of Middleton to contact parents during the day.  Cell phones used during the day will be confiscated and returned to the parents after school. 
  • Middle School students may not use computers, personal gaming devices, MP3 players or cellphones before school in Middleton Hall.